You have completed the installation of nService. nService can help you provide great services, any services, to your customers and employees. Your IT, customer service, profesional service, facility management, HR, accounting, legal, can now offer their services on this website. In addition to enabling end users to request services, supervisors can also create tasks as service requests and assign them to staff to work on. nService is the first and best Enterprise Service Management software solution that enpowers you to manage all service activities at your organization.


You can change the title of this website to Help Desk, Customer Support, Service Management, etc., to better reflect the types of services you provide. To do that, go to Admin, License. How do you make this welcome page go away? You can create an announcement from Home, Announcements, or you can write a knowledge article in Knowledge Base then designate it as the welcome page on Admin, Customize. While you are there, you can also disable tabs that you don't want. To customize the look and feel of this website, go to Admin, Themes.

Getting Started

This website is now ready to use. End users can come and submit requests. Technicians can respond to, resolve and close them. If you want to provide multiple services, go to Services to add them. To add users, go to the Users tab. To set up Email integration, go to Admin, Email, Email Settings. Most things on this website are self-explanatory. If you still need help, go to Avensoft Help Desk.

Thank you for choosing nService!
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